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Using optical techniques to analyze gas
Industrial analysis of gas by Raman spectroscopy Chemical processes must be closely monitored at all times if productivity needs are to be met. Onsite industrial analysis has a [...]


Hybrid doping prototype for photodetectors
Plasma immersion and laser annealing to improve photodetector performance and sensitivity The project seeks to create a second-generation hybrid (plasma immersion/laser annealing) doping prototype. It will be used [...]


A lensless endoscope based on optical techniques
Usage of optical techniques to create a lensless endoscope. An evolution in optics which will impact life science A persistent challenge in two-photon excited fluorescence (2PEF) imaging is [...]


Heliatek won Renewable Energy Design Award 2015
At the Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards ceremony in London, Heliatek received the Renewable Energy Design Award 2015.  The German start-up, based in Dresden and Ulm, develops and [...]


UCIMU awards laser based additive manufacturing thesis
The Italian  machine tool, robots, automation systems and ancillary products manufacturers’ association, UCIMU awards a number of theses in undergraduate and graduate levels every year in the field [...]


Technology Pioneer 2015: Heliatek receives Award
German Heliatek Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum. Geneva, 5 August 2015 - Heliatek, the Dresden-based German company that produces ultra-light, flexible and less than 1 [...]


PARADIGM Newsletter #4
The last four and a half years have seen some  remarkable advances in photonic integrated circuits fabricated on generic platforms. In 2010 the  PARADIGM partners were taking their [...]


JePPIX Roadmap 2015 : get your copy!
The generic foundry approach will cause a revolution in micro and nanophotonics, just like it did in microelectronics thirty years ago. Generic integration causes a dramatic reduction in [...]


ExpoLaser Forum
ExpoLaser Forum was held in Piacenza, Italy on 14 November. The theme of the forum of this year was the robot and laser interaction in the industry for [...]


The latest edition of the CIRP ICME Conference has examined the applications of innovative and cognitive production technologies, systems, related methodologies for decision making implementation, like for example [...]


Photonics: a key innovation driver
“Photonics is a key innovation driver in many research and application areas such as telecommunications, lighting, entertainment, laser-driven manufacturing and sensors. It is crucial to have a firm [...]


Innovation through photonics based manufacturing
Europe’s leading role in product innovation relies on high technology and engineered goods with high added value. Photonics, as a key enabling technology, has much to offer in [...]


Individual mentoring and matchmaking
Within LightJumps, OES will build business cases on  selected SME. Moreover, the selected SMEs will be targeted through the knowledge platform to a matchmaking campaign with the objective [...]


Platforms for Photonic ICs
Within the LightJumps project, JePPIX aims to bridge the gap between RTD on novel photonic technologies and market introduction for affordable novel photonics products. We want to build [...]