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Using optical techniques to analyze gas


By Optitec

Industrial analysis of gas by Raman spectroscopy

Chemical processes must be closely monitored at all times if productivity needs are to be met. Onsite industrial analysis has a good many advantages to it, but nonetheless requires promotion in the eyes of industrial concerns by making it more reliable and resistant to environments and the hazards inherent in production sites.

Raman spectroscopy is an optical method enabling characterisation of an environment’s molecular composition. A Raman analyser is made up of 4 main components connected by optical fibres: a laser source, a probe inserted into the sample, a spectrometer and software.

Its use is now widespread in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and agrifood industries for onsite analysis of liquids, due to its accuracy, sturdiness and rapidity. However, it is little used as yet in the field of gas analysis, online analysis in particular, owing to market reticence due to technological limitations and high cost.

The project aims to develop a new application: a high-performance Raman probe along with full management software integrated into a RES spectrometer with a view to providing the online gas analysis market with a complete Raman analyser, the fruit of French technology, more technologically efficient in terms of sensitivity and heat resistance, and competitively priced.


The project should bring about major economic benefits with in the perspective Horizon H2020.