PARADIGM Newsletter #4
The last four and a half years have seen some  remarkable advances in photonic integrated circuits fabricated on generic platforms. In 2010 the  PARADIGM partners were taking their [...]


JePPIX Roadmap 2015 : get your copy!
The generic foundry approach will cause a revolution in micro and nanophotonics, just like it did in microelectronics thirty years ago. Generic integration causes a dramatic reduction in [...]


ExpoLaser Forum
ExpoLaser Forum was held in Piacenza, Italy on 14 November. The theme of the forum of this year was the robot and laser interaction in the industry for [...]


The latest edition of the CIRP ICME Conference has examined the applications of innovative and cognitive production technologies, systems, related methodologies for decision making implementation, like for example [...]


Design Workshop — Interaction with Organic Electronics
Design Workshop, 28.11.2014, Dresden Interaktion mit Organischer Elektronik Unter dem Motto "Design Thinking" halten getalterische Methoden und Arbeitsweisen aktuell Einzug in unterschiedlichste Bereiche von Unternehmen. Der Workshop bietet [...]


Organic Electronics: Industry Partners Day
Flexibler Sensorik wird ein besonders großes Marktwachstum vorausgesagt. Ein Networking-Event der Sonderklasse zum Thema findet findet im Oktober am Fraunhofer FEP statt. Aufgrund des großen Interesses zum Thema [...]


Plastic Electronics 2014
Plastic Electronics Conference The Plastic Electronics Conference and SEMICON Europa are the only events that combine the printed, flexible, organic and inorganic large area electronics (OLAE) industry with [...]
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