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Photonics: a key innovation driver
“Photonics is a key innovation driver in many research and application areas such as telecommunications, lighting, entertainment, laser-driven manufacturing and sensors. It is crucial to have a firm [...]


Innovation through photonics based manufacturing
Europe’s leading role in product innovation relies on high technology and engineered goods with high added value. Photonics, as a key enabling technology, has much to offer in [...]


Individual mentoring and matchmaking
Within LightJumps, OES will build business cases on  selected SME. Moreover, the selected SMEs will be targeted through the knowledge platform to a matchmaking campaign with the objective [...]


Platforms for Photonic ICs
Within the LightJumps project, JePPIX aims to bridge the gap between RTD on novel photonic technologies and market introduction for affordable novel photonics products. We want to build [...]


LightJumps: Accelerator for photonics SMEs
Even for many technologists and business people in high tech fields the concepts of photonics and key enabling technologies are fuzzy. Europe in investing hundreds of millions of euros [...]