Leadership Forum

Increasing the positive impact of the photonics industry


By Francesco Zingales - LAZIO CONNECT

The Photonics industry is a European priority, certified by a total investment of 1,7 Billion Euros in Horizon 2020. We believe that the Lazio region has to face this opportunity considering that many of our research centers, University departments, SMEs and Large Companies R&D departments are either developers or users of photonics technology. This is why LAZIO CONNECT has taken the lead in this project. Starting from our Aerospace leading edge capabilities we aim at bringing SMEs, Large companies and research organizations together, and connected to international investors, to foster the collective goal of increasing the positive impact of the photonics industry in the LAZIO REGION. Also, we are collaborating with the other Italian project partners to develop a national level platform that can interact and have relevance at international level.