Leadership Forum

Innovation through photonics based manufacturing


By Barbara Previtali

Europe’s leading role in product innovation relies on high technology and engineered goods with high added value. Photonics, as a key enabling technology, has much to offer in product optimization and the development of new ones. Moreover, photonics stands out as a versatile technology, which can provide opportunities and solutions in various sectors such as construction, electronics, medical, consumer goods and food. With such flexibility, photonics fits perfectly as an innovation tool for the European SMEs of a versatile background.

Within this context LightJumps provides the required tools to the SMEs for their uptake of photonics technologies. The project maps the European potential in Photonics industries, providing insights to the sectors, markets and applications, as well as pointing out the investment and funding possibilities. The LightJumps community aims to link and generate possibilities of collaborations between SMEs. We invite European SMEs to join in the community to discover their true potential in innovation through Photonics.

Prof. Barbara Previtali is head of SITEC – Laboratory for Laser Applications at the Politecnico di Milano