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PARADIGM Newsletter #4
The last four and a half years have seen some  remarkable advances in photonic integrated circuits fabricated on generic platforms. In 2010 the  PARADIGM partners were taking their [...]


Alta Brillanza 2015
Alta Brillanza 2015 is the Italian Workshop on the High Brilliance Laser Applications. As a reference point for industrial high brilliance laser applications, Alta Brillanza 2015 continues to [...]


PHASTFlex newsletter #1 published
Optical chips, chips that work with light signals instead of electronic signals, are in increasing demand, for example to help process ever-growing internet traffic flows. They are often [...]
European Photonics Venture Forum


16 April 2015, Rome, Italy. Save the date!
LightJumps announces the 1st edition of the European Photonics Venture Forum, an international event aimed at creating venture finance and partnering opportunities for high-potential photonics businesses. This is unique opportunity [...]
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