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Alta Brillanza 2015


By Politecnico di Milano

Alta Brillanza 2015 is the Italian Workshop on the High Brilliance Laser Applications. As a reference point for industrial high brilliance laser applications, Alta Brillanza 2015 continues to report the innovations in high brilliance laser research, and the state-of-the-art in the industry. Reaching a large audience over 200 participants every year Alta Brillanza gathers together industrial laser manufacturers, systems developers and end users from Italy, with an ever increasing international participation. The event will take place between 24th and 25th September, at the heart of Italian industry, Milan, organized by SITEC – Laboratorio per le Applicazioni Laser, within the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano.


The first day of the Workshop, 24th of September, will be dedicated to the European Potential in Photonics and Laser Safety. In collaboration with LightJumps project, discussions will illustrate how European Photonics SMEs can benefit better from the dedicated SME instrument of Horizon 2020 and how they can collaborate with other photonics domains. The national photonics platform CORIFI and its key role in revealing this potential will be emphasised. Laser safety will be discussed for industrial high power lasers users.

The second day of the Workshop, 25th of September, will evolve in the classic format with interventions dedicated to recent developments in industrial laser sources and processes in the morning session. The afternoon will hold parallel session, displaying the most recent industrial applications coming from the system developers and end users of high brilliance lasers. The day will end with a Milanese style Happy Hour, accompanied with the traditional laboratory tour at SITEC, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano.

For more details follow visit the website www.altabrillanza.it