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ECOC 2015 and the 6th European Photonic Integration Forum: September 28, 2015



Since the 5th European Photonic Integration Forum – EPIF, which was organized at ECOC 2013 in London, rapid progress has been made in the capabilities of open access photonic foundry platforms, including the design environment. In the upcoming 6th EPIF a quick overview will be given of the present capabilities of both InP, silicon and dielectric waveguide platforms, including design and packaging facilities.

Join us for the 6th EPIF and lunch. Admission and lunch are for free, number of seats limited:

12:00 – Welcome and lunch
12:30 – Overview of the integrated photonics foundry eco-system
12:42 – Novel development in design tools and PDKs
12:52 – Professional design services
13:00 – Overview of foundry platform capabilities
13:20 – Generic packaging solutions
13:30 – Summary and Discussion
13:40 – Networking with experts