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PARADIGM Newsletter #4



The last four and a half years have seen some  remarkable advances in photonic integrated
circuits fabricated on generic platforms. In 2010 the  PARADIGM partners were taking their first steps to define generic InP platforms which could be run in industrial fabs, in an initiative which was unique in the world.

There are many aspects to the PARADIGM technical programme: platform technology, software tools, packaging and test to identify but a few. This newsletter showcases some of the more than 100 PIC designs fabricated over the 7 full MPW runs carried out in the project and the software tools which supported the designs; however, PARADIGM is fundamentally a technology development programme. The consortium has made great strides forwards, creating new platform building blocks for 40GHz operation and trialling fully integrated transmit and receive platform functionality, ahead of a second generic platform technology release planned for 2016/2017. One of these technology developments is a process building block based on selective area growth (SAG), capable of offering operating wavelengths over a 150nm wavelength range on a single wafer.

The PARADIGM platforms already offer a leading edge InP-based PIC technology which is unmatched by other photonics platform technologies in terms of content and capability. The newly published JePPIX roadmap for 2015 explains how we believe this technology, and access to it, will develop in the coming years (

This is the fourth and last PARADIGM newsletter; the project reached its conclusion at the end of May 2015. Download your copy of the PARADIGM Newsletter #4.