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Photonic Integrated Circuit training course at TU Eindhoven: 26th October – 6th November 2015



The 2-weeks training course in InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuit design and fabrication will run again at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, this year.

This is a rare opportunity to not only study PIC design with the experts, get hands-on experience with various software tools, but also to study practical fab aspects and, ultimately, to get some of your designs built through our shared MPW runs.

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What will you learn?

  • What is photonic integration and generic manufacturing;
  • What photonic platforms are available via MPW;
  • The level of maturity of each photonic’s platform and their service providers today;
  • How does a Multi Project Wafer run work in practice;
  • What is a Process Design Kit (PDK);
  • Discover the services from various design houses (VLC Photonics and BrightPhotonics) that can help you with actual design work and libraries for the software tools;
  • PIC design examples and applications on each of the JePPIX’s foundry (SMART Photonics (NL), Oclaro (UK), Heinrich Hertz Institute (GER), TriPleX-LioniX (NL)).

Furthermore there is an extensive hands-on session in using a design kit:

  • Use foundry’s mature building blocks to simulate your circuit with PICwave from Photon Design, Aspic from Filarete;
  • Automatically translate your circuit to foundry’s on-specs mask (GDSII) file by using OptoDesigner from PhoeniX Software;
  • Design for packaging by using templates from Linkra, Technobis.